Vital Stats
Real Name Edward Brock
Nicknames Toxin
Gender Male
Powers Superhuman powers
War Side Pro-Registration
Voice Actor Steven Blum
(Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)
Chopper Bernet
(Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Vicarious Visions Version)
John Kassir (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 n-Space Version)
Venom grabs enemies and squeezes instead of punching them like other heroes. His B-button attack while grabbing is a piledriver. He is playable with the Xbox 360 Villains DLC or Gold Edition of the game.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Enhanced Altered Body Hero

Normal Body Hero (36 - 18 - 21)
Body: 36
Focus: 16
Strike: 24
Web Swing

Powers Edit

  • Venom Thrust (Projectile)
they won't tell me how to do the move
  • Symbiote Flail (Radial)
Venom's tendrils flail out in a radial attack damaging all surrounding enemies
  • Venom Swing (Radial)
Grab an enemy with Venom's tendrils and swing him around doing damage to all in the way. When enemy is released enemy goes flying
  • Venom Heave (Special)
Venom throws his tendrils at an enemy and can then heave him high into the air
  • Symbiote Bite (Special)
Venom lunges forward knocking down an enemy and biting him multiple times
  • Claw (Boost)
Venom's hands turn into the shape of claws. All Venom's attacks have increased damage
  • Terror (Debuff)
Venom terrorizes nearby enemies and increase his defense against physical damage
  • Symbiote Sludge (Xtreme)
Venom sends off pieces of his symbiote self and adheres his adversaries to the ground

Costumes Edit

  • Classic
Reflect Melee - Reflects a percentage of melee damage back at attacker
Tendril Damage - Increases amount of damage done with tendril attacks
  • Marvel Knights
Tendril Damage - Increases amount of damage done with tendril attacks
Experience - Increases amount of XP gained
  • Thunderbolts
Evade - Increase chance to dodge attacks
Striking - Gives a striking bonus
  • Ultimate
Max Health - Increases maximum health(Maxes out at +24% health)
Critical Strike - Increases critical strike chance(Maxes out at +11% critical chance)

Teams Edit

Conversations Edit

  • <Act I, Project Labs> Mysterio
  • <Act II, Pinball> Rhino

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit




  • Thunderbolts
  • Ultimate




  • Strangely, even though Venom has a Marvel Knights costume, it does not count towards the group.
    • This is likely due to Angelo Fortunato having been Venom's host during Marvel Knights, dying in the same issue he was introduced as Venom.