Spider Woman
Spider Woman
Vital Stats
Real Name Jesica Drew
Nicknames Spider Woman
Gender Female
Powers Flying
War Side Anti-Registration
Voice Actor Tasia Valenza
(Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)
Elizabeth Daily
(Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2)

Spider-Woman is a superhero who onced worked for the villainous Hydra and for S.H.I.E.L.D..

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Body Hero

Body: 36
Focus: 18
Strike: 21

Powers Edit

  • Venom Blast (Beam)
Shoots a bioelectric beam that pierces multiple enemies if fully charged
  • Ensnare (Special)
Throws out several incapacitating traps that for a time deliver energy damage to the enemies caught in them
  • Spider's Blood (Projectile)
Throws a bouncing projectile that causes energy damage and has a 50% chance to stun
  • Bio-electric Surge (Radial)
Releases powerful radial blast causing energy damage and knockback
  • Spider's Bite (Special)
Spawns several energy balls from both her feet and hands causing energy damage
  • Attract (Boost)
Uses a pheromone that causes enemies near Spider-Woman to focus on her. Also giver her a 50% ongoing resistance to the last damage type that hit her
  • Metabolic Aura (Boost)
Surrounds Spider-Woman with a healing aura that also heals allies that come in her range
  • Bio Web (Xtreme)
Weaves a bio-electric web that breaks causing energy damage. It also has a chance to turn enemies into allies for a time. Once time expires the affected enemies are instantly killed.

Costumes Edit

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  • Classic
A skintight red-and-yellow spandex outfit with a mask containing one-way lenses, yellow elbow-length rubber gloves, and yellow knee-high boots.
Resistance - Increases all resistances
Bio Energy Mastery - Increases the energy damage done by all attacks'                              '                                                                   
  • Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.    
A standard S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent uniform, consisting of a black zippered jumpsuit, white leather gloves, and black boots.
Melee Damage - Increase melee damage                                                                                                                 Dodge Melee Attacks - Increases the chance to dodge melee attacks
  • Secret Wars
This is actually Julia Carpenter as seen in the Secret Wars Comic Mini Series, not Jessica Drew.
A form-fitting black spandex costume bearing a large, white spider-emblem and accompanied by a mask with one-way lenses, white shoulder-length rubber gloves, and white thigh-high boots.
Power Rank Increase - Adds a chance to temporarily increase the skill level of all powers by 1
Max Health - Raises maximum health
  • Spider-Girl
A skintight all-spandex costume mirroring the basic design of Spider-Man's outfit. Above the torso, the costume's design is highly reminiscent of Spider-Man, with a web pattern sewn into the red-colored regions, a black spider-emblem framed against the breast, and a mask containing one-way lenses and covering the whole face. However, the web-shooters of the costume are bulky and placed outside the uniform, and much of the costume beneath the waist is solidly black. The gloves and boots contain both solid black regions and red regions containing the web pattern. This costume is not actually a look Spider-Woman has had in the past, but is rather the costume of the alternate continuity character Spider-Girl, real name May Parker.
Bio Energy Mastery - Increases the energy damage done by all attacks
XP - Increases amount of XP gained

Teams Edit

Conversations Edit

  • <Act I, Stark Tower> Black Widow (minor)
  • <Act I, Iron Man's Lab> Jarvis (minor)
  • <Act I, Golden Court> Grey Gargoyle
  • <Act II, Inner Sanctum> The Vision (minor)
  • <Act III, Asgard> Enchantress and Executioner
  • <Act IV, Attilan> Uatu (unused on-disk, before going to Shi'ar)
  • <Act V, Castle Doom> Doctor Doom

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit

Spider-woman was one of many Anti-reg heroes to be infected with the nanites.