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Shadowcat was a mutant named Katherine"Kitty"Pride.She was a Mod in Marvel:Ultamite Alliance (PC Version)

Her Powers

Phase-Shadow cat becomes intangable and can pass through Solid objects(Jump to Deactivate)

Claw Slash- Increased Melee Attack with Knocback

Sai Throw-Throws sai at enemies

Ninja Blades-Deadly Multi-hit sword attack

Blade Cyclone-Spins around,attacking with swords

Electrical Disruption-Absorbs damage for Shadowcat and allies and damage those who touch them

Claws-Gives Self Retractable artificial claws for a time adding blade damage to melee attacks

Agent of SHIELD-Jumps up and do a 360 spin taking down every enemy in sight

Download her (PC) at www.marvelmods. com

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