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Vital Stats
Real Name Victor Creed
Nicknames Victor
Gender Males
Powers Sharp Claws
War Side Pro-Registration
Voice Actor {{{voice actor}}}

Sabretooth is a villain and frequent antagonist of Wolverine. He is playable with the Xbox 360 Villains DLC or Gold Edition of the game.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Altered Strike Hero

Body: 23
Focus: 14
Strike: 39
Normal Strike Hero (22 - 14 - 39)

Powers Edit

  • Sabretooth Slash (Melee)
Sabretooth tears up his opponents with his claws
  • Pounce (Special)
Sabretooth lunges forward knocking the opponent to the ground and pummeling him
  • Talon Concussion (Radial)
Sabretooth pins around slashing nearby enemies with his claws multiple times
  • Disembowel (Melee)
Sabretooth punches and kicks enemies in front and behind him
  • Talon Frenzy (Special)
Charging talon attack which knocks opponents out of the way and causes them to take damage over time from the slash attack
  • Berserker Rage (Boost)
Sabretooth boosts his own defense and movement speed
  • Roar (Debuff)
Sabretooth lets out a furious roar which frightens nearby enemies and decreases their defense
  • Savage Rampage (Xtreme)
Sabretooth goes into a blind rage attacking every enemy nearby doing heavy damage

Costumes Edit

Sabretooth MUA Costumes

  • Modern
Critical Strike - Increases critical strike chance
Max Energy - Increases maximum energy
  • Original
Dodge - Increases chance to dodge melee attacks
Claw damage - Increases damage done with claws
  • Age of Apocalypse
Claw damage - Increases damage done with claws
XP - Increases XP earned
  • Ultimate
Skill Boost - Adds a chance to temporarily increase the skill level of all powers by one
Melee Damage - Increases melee damage

Teams Edit

Conversations Edit

  • <Act II, Pinball> Arcade
  • <Act IV, Hyperdrive> Gladiator (Xbox 360 Achievement)
  • <Act IV, Science Section> Deathbird


  • Sabretooth's Xtreme attack, Savage Rampage, is the same Xtreme attack that Wolverine used in the first X-Men Legends.

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