Vital Stats
Real Name Kurt Wagner
Nicknames Nightcrawler
Gender Male
Powers Teleport
War Side None
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Nightcrawler is a mutant with the power of teleportation and a member of the X-Men. Nightcrawler is part of the Heroes Pack DLC for the Xbox 360 and, later, the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Altered Body Hero

Body: 36
Focus: 19
Strike: 20
Normal Body Hero (36 - 18 - 21)

Powers Edit

  • Acrobatic Kick (Melee)
Nightcrawler teleports forward and delivers an acrobatic kick combo to his enemies with a chance to stun them for a brief time
  • Sword Mastery (Melee)
Nightcrawler wields his two swords with ninja mastery
  • Bamf Flurry (Special)
Nightcrawler bamfs to multiple nearby enemies and does one attack against each enemy
  • Sword Whirlwind (Melee)
Nightcrawler does an acrobatic wide radius attack by slashing out with his swords while spinning on his legs and tail
  • Bamfing Blitz (Special)
Nightcrawler bamfs around a singular enemy multiple times unleashing kicks and punches
  • Shadow Crawl (Special)
Nightcralwer hides in the shadows becoming invisible to most enemies and has critical hit chance increased
  • Sword Combat (Boost)
Nightcrawler wields his swords with devastating effectiveness
  • Bamf Unleased (Xtreme)
Nightcrawler bamfs around multiple enemies unleashing multiple attacks culminating in a blast attack

Costumes Edit

Nightcrawler MUA Costumes

  • Astonishing
Melee Mastery - Increase melee damage
Max Energy - Increase maximum energy
  • Classic
Max Energy - Increase maximum energy
Critical Strike - Increase critical strike chance
  • Age of Apocalypse
Max Health - Increase maximum health
Power Damage - Increase damage from powers
  • Ultimate
Melee Mastery - Increase melee damage
Protective Forces - Increases all resistances

Teams Edit

Conversations Edit

<Act II, Big Top> Jean Grey

<Act II, Mephisto's Realm (Part 2 (upon breaking the chain to save Ghost Rider) and Part 4 (when entering this stage))> Mephisto (unused, mostly unused sound files found)

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit