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Nanite Nick Fury
Vital Stats
Real Name Nick Fury
Nicknames Nickholas
Gender Male
Powers Robot powers
War Side none
Voice Actor {{{voice actor}}}
When Nick Fury is infected with nanites he is given a suit that receives power from every other infected super hero and super villain.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2Edit

How to unlock: Beat the final mission.

Flying?: Yes.


  • Lightning Bolt
  • Bioelectric Blast
  • Monstrous Rush
  • Plasma Volley



  • Summoned Might

Lift huge objects and resist knockback.

  • Healing Factor

Speeds up hit point regeneration.

  • Adaptive Defense

Resists the last damage type suffered.

  • Nanite Mastery

Raises damage for all attacks

  • Nano Armor

Raises maximum hit points

  • Survival Instinct

Allows more frequent use of powers




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