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The proper name for this article is n-Space, due to technical limitations the N is capitalized for the page name.

n-Space is a video game development company headquartered in Orlando, Florida. n-Space is licensed to develop Nintendo Wii & DS, Sony PlayStation 1, 2, 3, & PSP, and Microsoft Xbox & Xbox 360 games. Founded in 1994, they employ 125 people. n-Space has mostly recently developed Hanah Montana: The Movie video game for Disney Interactive, on the Nintendo Wii & DS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 game consoles. They also developed Call of Duty: World at War for Activision Blizzard and Star Wars: Force Unleashed for LucasArts on the Nintendo DS.

n-Space will develop Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 for the Nintendo Wii & DS and the Sony PlayStation 2.

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