Magneto better
Vital Stats
Real Name Maxwell Eisenhardt
Nicknames Erik Magnus Lensherr (alias), Magnus
Gender Male
Powers Magnetic powers
War Side Anti
Voice Actor Richard Green
(Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)
Fred Tatasciore
(Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Vicarious Visions Version)
John DiMaggio
(Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 n-Space Version)
Magneto is a powerful mutant with powers of magnetism. He is playable with the Xbox 360 Villains DLC or Gold Edition of the game.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Altered Body Hero

Body: 35
Focus: 20
Strike: 20
Normal Body Hero (36 - 18 - 21)

Powers Edit

  • Magnetic Pulse (Projectile)
A bolt of magnetic energy that damages all enemies in its path
  • Magnetic Beam (Special)
Use Magneto's magnetic powers to grab objects and throw them with magnetic force
  • Magnetic Explosion (Radial)
Magneto charges up and unleashes an explosion damaging all nearby enemies
  • Shockwaves (Projectile)
A concussive blast of magnetic energy that radiates in front of Magneto
  • Magnetic Toss (Projectile)
Magneto hurls a metal projectile around the screen directing it wherever he wishes
  • Magnetic Shield (Boost)
A protective shield surrounding Magneto consisting of magnetic energy
  • Dark Energy (Boost)
Temporarily increases all party members skill and outfit ranks
  • Metal Storm (Xtreme)
Magneto causes a magnetic storm and summons pieces of metal that rain down on enemies. Increases the damage from other Xtremes as well

Costumes Edit

Magneto MUA Costumes
  • Classic
Magnetic Damage - Increases the damage done by magnetic attacks
Melee Damage - Increases damage done with melee attacks
  • 80's
Resistance - Increases all resistances
Magnetic Damage - Increases the damage done by magnetic attacks
Max Health - Increases maximum health
Power Damage - Increases the damage done by power attacks
  • Ultimate
Max Health - Increases maximum health
Magnetic Damage - Increases the damage done by magnetic attacks

Teams Edit

Conversations Edit

  • <Act I, Upper Batteries> Fin Fang Foom
  • <Act II, Fun House> Arcade (unused, mostly unused sound files found)
  • <Act II, Mephisto's Realm> Professor Xavier

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit