Juggernaut 1
Vital Stats
Real Name Cain Marko
Nicknames Juggernaut
Gender Male
Powers Superhuman powers and iron armor
War Side Pro
Voice Actor John DiMaggio

Juggernaut was born Cain Marko, but became the Juggernaut when he found Crimson Gem of Cyttorak which gave him superhuman powers including strength and invulnerability. Juggernaut is the step-brother of Professor Charles Xavier.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit

In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 he is a DLC character.

Moves Edit

  • Ramming Dash:
Forward dash harms all in his path.
  • Drop Smash:
Smashes foes with intense force.
  • Cyttorak spin:
Spins in place, knocking back foes.
  • Earth shaker:
Generates a shockwave with a massive stomp.


  • Classic
  • Ultimate

Ability Edit

  • Supreme Might:
Lifts huge objects and resist knockback.
  • Destructive Glee:
Gains stamina for every defeated foe.
  • Mystic Mastery:
Raises damage for all power attacks.
  • Impervious Body:
Resists all incoming damage.
  • Armored Fists:
Raises melee attack damage.
  • Crimson Armor:
Reduces all incoming damage.