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Iron Fist
Iron fist
Vital Stats
Real Name Daniel Thomas Rand-Kai
Nicknames Iron Fist
Gender Male
Powers his iron fist
War Side Anti-Registration
Voice Actor Peter Dobson

Iron Fist is a martial artist who often worked with Luke Cage.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Iron Fist did not appear in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit

Iron Fist works for the anti-regestration forces in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. He is one of six characters whose faction is immutable.

Available: After choosing Anti-Registration; or, after the first chapter of Act III if you choose Pro-Registration.

Flying?: No

Recommended Powers:

  • Dragon Fist

  • Healing Hand

Recommended Abilities:

  • Agile Technique

  • Precise Strikes

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