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Vital Stats
Real Name Robert Drake
Nicknames Bobby
Gender Male
Powers Ice
War Side Anti-Registration
Voice Actor James Arnold Taylor (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)
Adam Bobrow (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2)

Iceman is a member of the X-Men and one of the funnier playable characters.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Focus Hero

Body: 15
Focus: 41
Strike: 19

Powers Edit

  • Ice Shards (Projectile)
Throws shards of ice at enemies inflicting cold damage. Chance to slow enemies to 50% of speed
  • Freeze Beam (Beam)
Sends out a beam freezing enemies for a time. If the frozen enemy receives a critical hit they shatter
  • Polar Explosion (Projectile)
Charge a particle and throw it at enemies inflicting cold damage and slowing enemies for a time
  • Ice Slide (Charge)
Slides on an ice sled damaging and knocking back enemies
Note: Ice Slide allows fast travel akin to flying or swinging.
  • Blizzard (Radial)
Create an ice storm inflicting cold damage to enemies in a radius
  • Frost Bite (Boost)
Gives entire party ice gloves for a time adding cold damage to melee attacks with a chance to slow enemies by 50%
  • Frigid Aura (Boost)
Create a shield of cold around Iceman slowing and damaging enemies
  • Deep Freeze (Xtreme)
Massive cold blast damages and slows all enemies with a chance to freeze

Costumes Edit

Iceman MUA Costumes

  • Classic
A amooth and featureless ice armor that covers the whole body. Iceman uses it for extra durability and defense in battle. Iceman also wears a black armband in this costume.
Icy Touch - Adds cold damage to melee attacks
Max Health - Increases maximum health capacity
  • Spiky
Similar in most respects to Iceman's Classic look, this ice armor comes with jagged, icicle-like protrusions for added offensive and defensive capability. It also lacks the armband of Iceman's Classic appearance.
Cold Mastery - Increases cold damage
XP - Increases amount of XP gained
  • Bobby Drake
In this getup, Iceman eschews his usual protective coating of ice in favor of more commonplace X-Men garb. This costume consists of a black shirt and pants, a leather jacket, and a belt. Keeping in with his "cool" personality, Iceman wears black sunglasses, and despite his lack of full-body ice armor, he still uses gloves made from frost, presumably to enhance his grappling prowess.
Max Energy - Increases maximum energy
Cold Mastery - Increases cold damage
  • Original
The very first costume Iceman ever used, this "uniform" is just a full-body sheath of snow and frost and a pair of blue boots.
Point Blank - Adds damage to any ranged attack that hits enemies within 8 feet
Frost Bite - Reflects damage back on attackers

Teams Edit

Conversations Edit

  • <Act I, Stark Tower> Black Widow (minor)
  • <Act I, S.H.I.E.L.D. Outpost> Namor and Namorita
  • <Act II, Inner Sanctum> Professor Xavier
  • <Act II, Inner Sanctum> The Vision (minor)
  • <Act II, Mephisto's Realm> Professor Xavier (upon entering realm)
  • <Act III, Ymir's Domain> Ymir
  • <Act IV, Hyperdrive> Gladiator

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit

Ice Man Anti-Reg in MUA 2.

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