Vital Stats
Real Name Clint Barton
Nicknames Clinton
Gender Male
Powers Arrows
War Side Anti-Reg
Voice Actor Nolan North

Hawkeye is a superhero who employs technologically advanced bow and arrows to fight criminals and super villains. Hawkeye was originally part of PSP exclusives where he is overpowered and weak, until he became part of the Heroes Pack DLC for the Xbox 360 and later the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition, where he got an improvement. He was originally meant to be exclusive to Wii version as well, but somehow dropped for an unknown reasons.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Focus Hero

Body: 15
Focus: 41
Strike: 19

Powers Edit

  • Multishot (Projectile)
Fires multiple arrows at one time if the power is charged
  • Paralyzer (Special)
Fires single arrow shots that damage and stun the enemy (originally three arrows in PSP)
  • Hellfire Adamantium Arrow (Projectile)
Fires a blazing hot arrow up that explodes on impact when it comes down
  • Ice Pick (Projectile)
Fires a special arrow that hits the ground and explodes causing cold damage, freezing anyone caught in the blast radius and slowing them down for a brief period of time
  • Piercing Shock (Projectile)
This arrow will pierce any objects or enemies it hits. Any enemies hit in addition to taking damage from the arrow, will be encased in a damaging energy field
  • Hyper Shot (Buff)
For a short period of time will have an increase to speed
  • Hawk's Revenge (Buff)
Using this will increase the damage to all attacks made
  • Ricochet Rocket (Xtreme)
Fires a special arrow that will bounce off of walls and enemies doing damage to anything it hits

Costumes Edit

Hawkeye MUA Costumes

  • Classic
Dodge - Increases chance to dodge melee attacks
Melee damage- Increases damage of melee attacks
  • Modern
Critical Experience - Increased chance to make a critical attack
Bow Mastery - Increase damage of bow attacks
  • Street
Point Blank - Increase amt damage done at close range by bow attacks
Hawk's Endurance - Increase Max Health
  • Ultimate
Bleed Damage - Adds a chance to cause bleed damage to melee attacks
Max Energy - Increases maximum energy

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit

Fearing for his family, Hawkeye decided to go underground after the SRA started rounding up heroes.