Green Goblin
Green Goblin
Vital Stats
Real Name Norman Osborn
Nicknames Iron Patriot

Green Goblin

Gender Male
Powers glider-fire balls
War Side Pro-Registration
Voice Actor Armin Shimerman

Green Goblin is a boss in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.

Green Goblin' s HistoryEdit

Driven mad by the same serum that gave him superhuman powers, Norman Osborn plagued New York for years until he was seemingly killed while battling with Spider-Man. He recently reappeared, murdering a string of innocents before being taken into custody. Green Goblin's genius-level intellect, range of technological devices, and general craziness make him a formidable threat to anyone he perceives as an obstacle.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Green Goblin did not appear in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit

  • Available: After defeating him in Wakanda.
  • Flying?: Yes, on his glider.


Pumpkin BombsEdit

A volley of explosives. (impact damage)

Gas AttackEdit

Unleashes a cloud of hallucinogenic gas. (mental damage)

Homing SwarmEdit

Homing darts fly at foes, poisoning them. (energy damage)

Napalm StrikeEdit

Goblin's glider bathes his foes in flames. (fire damage)


Glider UpgradeEdit

Raises damage with glider attacks.

Sadistic GleeEdit

Gains extra hit points when defeating foes.

Manic MadmanEdit

Allows more frequent use of powers. Requires Pro-Reg.

Gadget MasteryEdit

Raises damage with all attacks. Requires Pro-Reg.

Goblin FormulaEdit

Raises maximum hit points. Requires Anti-Reg.

Hard to KillEdit

Resists all incoming damage. Requires Anti-Reg.

Quotes (in game)Edit

  • "Off my meds? Why, yes I am!"
  • "Yeah, you can go ahead and take a nap now."