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Before listing a glitch, search for it because it may be the list.

{XBOX 360}


List of GlitchesEdit

  • Xbox 360 Confirmed. During the first Pro-Reg. Mission, on the forth map where you have to open doors to get to Cable, in a room one of the doors won't open stopping the player from finishing the Mission. Saving and Loading will fix the glitch. Unknown is the latest Title Update fixes this.
  • Xbox 360 Confirmed. You will not be able to view all the artwork in-game. You only can by quitting and using the review menu. It is unknown if the latest Title Update fixes this.
  • PS3 and Xbox 360 Confirmed. Even after beating the game on Legendary, you will not be able to replay the game on any difficulty. The latest Title Update will supposedly fix this
  • Sometimes, when playing as Deadpool, he will have his swords drawn out for ever. Reloading fixes this.
  • Xbox 360: weasel stuck on the hackers names and not letting you pick. Don't know the cause or a fix.
  • Xbox 360: The costumes disappeared/locked and cant pick or change it. Don't know the cause. How to fix is start a new game and carry over the stats is the only way to fix it. Happens quite often.
  • Xbox 360: New Characters you unlocked Appear locked. Don't know the cause or a fix.
  • Xbox 360: Deadpool doesn't stun on his teleport furry. Don't know cause or a fix

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