Vital Stats
Real Name Remy LeBeau
Nicknames Gambit
Gender Male
Powers Unknown Energy
War Side Anti
Voice Actor Michael Dunn

Gambit is a character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.

After many years as a gambler and professional thief, Remy LeBeau - also known as Gambit - fell in with the X-Men, joining them to use their superpowers to better the world. Gambit's ability to infuse objects with kinetic energy, such as his playing cards, distinguish him as a hero and as a powerful mutant.

Gambit' s HistoryEdit

Gambit is a member of the X-Men. He has had a longstanding love affair with his X-Men teammate Rogue. 

Marvel: Ultimate AllianceEdit

Gambit does not appear in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, however, Moon Knight, an exclusive character in some versions, appears to have similar moves based on Gambit's in the X-Men: Legends series, such as Staff Slam and his animations when selected as a character. He and Emma Frost also appear among the other X-Men in dooms castle, and like the others, lost the battle and was presumably injured as well.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2Edit

How to unlock: Get to the 3rd map of the Latveria Mission.
921665-gambit 2


Flying?: No. Has double-jump.


  • Card Barrage

A stream of explosive cards. (energy damage)

  • Radial Staff

Circular swing knock back anyone within range. (impact damage)

  • Explosive Hand

Fan-shaped spread of explosive cards. (energy damage)

  • 52 Card Pickup

Dozens of exploding cards rain down on foes. (energy damage)


  • Ultimate
  • Age of Apocalypse


  • Charged Staff

Raises melee attack damage.

  • Object Charging

Raises energy damage from thrown objects.

  • Energy Mastery

Adds energy damage to melee attacks. Requires Pro-Reg.

  • Concentration

Allows more frequent use of powers. Requires Pro-Reg.

  • Cajun Luck

Team finds more orbs more frequently. Requires Anti-Reg.

  • Precise Aim

Raises chance of inflicting critical hits. Requires Anti-Reg.

Teams Edit


<Washington DC> Senator Lieber.

<Stark Tower, Decision> Maria Hill.

<Chem. Plant> Nick Fury.

<Secret S.H.I.E.L.D. Base> Nick Fury.

<Wakanda> Nanite Havok.

<Fold Tower> Nanite Tinkerer.

<Fold Tower> Nanite Nick Fury


  • If one looks closely at his playing cards, each one of them is rendered as a 10 of Diamonds; the one exception is his cover art which shows him holding his iconic Ace of Spades.
    • Gambit's cards are also borderless diamond back casino-quality cards of an unknown logo/brand.