Vital Stats
Real Name Remy LeBeau
Nicknames Gambit
Gender Male
Powers Unknown Energy
War Side Anti
Voice Actor Michael Dunn

Gambit is a character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.

After many years as a gambler and professional thief, Remy LeBeau - also known as Gambit - fell in with the X-Men, joining them to use their superpowers to better the world. Gambit's ability to infuse objects with kinetic energy, such as his playing cards, distinguish him as a hero and as a powerful mutant.

Gambit' s HistoryEdit

Gambit is a member of the X-Men. He has had a longstanding love affair with his X-Men teammate Rogue. 

Marvel: Ultimate AllianceEdit

Gambit appears unconscious in a cut scene where he and a few heroes have tried to face against Dr. Doom in Doom's Castle and lost. Other heroes that appeared unconcious with him are Beast, Magneto, Professor Xavier, Colossus, Emma Frost, Cyclops, and Hulk.

While he is not playable, Moon Knight, an exclusive character in some versions, appears to have borrowed some moves off of Gambit's in the X-Men: Legends series, such as the Staff Slam, Staff Assault, and his animations (mirrored) when selected as a character.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2Edit

How to unlock: Get to the 3rd map of the Latveria Mission.
921665-gambit 2


Flying?: No. Has double-jump.


  • Card Barrage

A stream of explosive cards. (energy damage)

  • Radial Staff

Circular swing knock back anyone within range. (impact damage)

  • Explosive Hand

Fan-shaped spread of explosive cards. (energy damage)

  • 52 Card Pickup

Dozens of exploding cards rain down on foes. (energy damage)


  • Based on his Classic costume from Jim Lee era
  • Horseman of Death


  • Charged Staff

Raises melee attack damage.

  • Object Charging

Raises energy damage from thrown objects.

  • Energy Mastery

Adds energy damage to melee attacks. Requires Pro-Reg.

  • Concentration

Allows more frequent use of powers. Requires Pro-Reg.

  • Cajun Luck

Team finds more orbs more frequently. Requires Anti-Reg.

  • Precise Aim

Raises chance of inflicting critical hits. Requires Anti-Reg.

Teams Edit


<Washington DC> Senator Lieber.

<Stark Tower, Decision> Maria Hill.

<Chem. Plant> Nick Fury.

<Secret S.H.I.E.L.D. Base> Nick Fury.

<Wakanda> Nanite Havok.

<Fold Tower> Nanite Tinkerer.

<Fold Tower> Nanite Nick Fury


  • If one looks closely at his playing cards, each one of them is rendered as a 10 of Diamonds; the one exception is his cover art which shows him holding his iconic Ace of Spades.
    • Gambit's cards are also borderless diamond back casino-quality cards of an unknown logo/brand.