Vital Stats
Real Name Wade Wilson
Nicknames The Merc With a Mouth
Gender Male
Powers Accelerated Healing Factor
War Side Pro-Registration
Voice Actor John Kassir

Deadpool is a mercenary and this "merc with a mouth" is an expert in weapons and martial arts - he uses guns, grenades, a device that lets him teleport, and his distinctive twin katanas, as well as hand-to-hand combat. Despite his questionable sanity and off-beat sense of humor, Deadpool is one of the world's deadliest assassins, and one of Marvel's most unforgettable characters. Deadpool also has a mental illness that makes him hear two separate voice in his head.

He can also break the fourth wall, so he knows that he's a comics or in this case a videogame. It is possible that he has a thing for Cherry Blossoms.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Powers Edit

  • Assassin Strike (Melee)
    MUA2 Deadpool
Deadly multi-hit sword attack. (Chargeable)
  • Dual Shot (Projectile)
Pull out two pistols and shoot, chance to knock down enemies hit. (Press and hold the button).
  • Teleport Flurry (Special)
Rapid teleport attack on several targets.
  • Blade Cyclone (Radial)
Radial sword spin attack.
  • Grenade Toss (Blast)
Throws several grenades that explode when within 3 ft of enemy or when time expires.
  • Wisecrack (Debuff)
Taunts nearby enemies lowering their defenses and causing them to attack.
  • Battle Cry (Boost)
Boosts allies' attack speed and damage temporarily.
  • Merc's Revenge (Xtreme)
Jump in the air and do a 360° spin taking down every enemy in sight.


Costumes Edit

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  • Classic
Deadpool's most iconic costume, a red-and-black spandex ninja outfit comprised of a shirt, pants, boots, gloves, and mask. Deadpool also wears a utility belt and various kinds of straps designed for the carrying of firearms, knives, and ammunition.
Dodge - Increase chance to dodge melee attacks (15% maximum)
Melee Damage - Increases damage of all melee attacks
  • Ultimate
Deadpool's look from the now-defunct Ultimate Marvel line, which borrows many cues from Deadpool's Classic costume but incorporates more black into the design and darkens the red areas. This leather costume consists of a red-and-black shirt and mask, black pants, red gloves, a utility belt, and a legstrap used to carry small knives. Uniquely, Deadpool's katana in this appearance is pitch-black, whereas it is made of reflective steel with every other costume.
Max Energy - Increases the maximum energy
Health Regen - Increases health regeneration (+2% maximum)
  • Weapon X
A less colorful getup accentuating the assassin/mercenary element of Deadpool's character and downplaying his comedic side. This costume is made up of a black skintight shirt, red-and-black military pants and boots, black rubber gloves, a white utility belt, a legstrap used to carry a pistol holster, and a red-and-black mask with identical design but reversed color scheme to his Classic costume's mask.
Health Regen - Increases health regeneration (+1.2% maximum)
Critical Strike - Increases critical strike chance
  • Assassin
A variation of Deadpool's Classic look virtually identical in most respects but with a slightly darkened shade of red and a redesigned mask, which is fully red save for black outlines around the lenses and extends outwards in the back, giving it more of a ninja-like feel.
Weapon Damage - Increases damage done by weapons
Resist All - Increases all resistances 

Teams Edit

Conversations Edit

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit


  • Bullet Barrage!
    Deadpool mua
A punishing hail of bullets. (wounding damage)
  • Bouncy Slash!
Leaps forward for deadly double strike. (wounding damage)
  • Tele-Splode!
Quickly teleports, leaving dirty grenades in his wake. (energy damage)
  • Safety Dash!
Runs forward, slashing wildly with his swords. (wounding damage)


  • Classic
  • Ultimate (Unmasked)


  • Healing Factor!
Speeds up hit point regeneration.
  • Best One Ever!
All around bonus. It's the best one ever.
  • Ultimate Power!
Raises damage for all power attacks. Requires Pro-Reg.
  • Just Won't Quit!
Allows more frequent use of powers. Requires Pro-Reg.
  • Punchy Punchy!
Raises melee attack damage. Requires Anti-Reg.
  • Hard to Hit!
Raises chance to evade incoming attacks. Requires Anti-Reg.

Teams Edit


  • <Washington DC, His Introduction> He knocks out a terrorist for ruining his vacation and a S.H.I.E.L.D agent for damaging the Cherry Blossoms, then he trash talks the player(s), telling them it's time for a boss battle.
  • <Washington DC, if replayed with Deadpool in the roster> He talks to Senator Lieber about how there are two of him and then asks where "continuity guy" is.
  • <Stark Tower Lobby, Decision> Maria Hill tells Deadpool that he's just made the biggest mistake of his life, he replies to this by saying "Par for the course, crazy lady! 'sides I can always go the other way on my next playthrough".
  • <Chem Plant, before fighting Nanite Venom and Nanite Green Goblin after talking to Nick Fury> He tells Fury "Whatever Fury, I'm just in it for the XP".
  • <Wakanda, before fighting, Nanite Havok> He says "Hey, I know him! It's Havok, with a K!".
  • <Wakanda> At one point in the level, Black Panther will say "Beware! Incoming aircraft!". If you have Deadpool, Black Panther will not warn you. Instead, Deadpool will say "You know what this game needs, more helicopters".
  • <Fold Tower, before fighting Nanite Nick Fury> He tells Nanite Nick Fury that "It's game over Fury and you're all out of continues".

Civil WarEdit

  • Pro-regd

In an attempt to capitalize on the SRA, Deadpool has taken to hunting unregistered superhumans for bounty money.

Finding the Anti-Reg forces to be vastly more amusing than their Pro-Reg counterparts, Deadpool has joined Captain America's resistance movement.