The Dark Fantastic Four Appear in the Doom's Throne Area at Castle Doom, They all wear a Doom Green on their Fantastic Four uniforms instead of Blue. Their faces have a corrupted and fraudulent recognition.

Team Benefit: None of note.

Team Members: Dark Invisible Woman, Dark Thing, Dark Human Torch and Dark Mr. Fantastic.

Marvel: Ultimate AllianceEdit

Boss Sizes


Bosses Equipment

  • Dark Human Torch - Flames
  • Dark Invisible Woman - Energy
  • Dark Mr. Fantastic - Elastic Body
  • Dark Thing - Strength


  • Conversation:

"Don't talk that way about our lord and master. Dr. Doom is the Greatest man the world has ever known." - Dark Mr. Frantastic

"Now you will Kneel before Victor Von Doom..." - Dark Invisible Woman

"... and you will pledge allegiance to him." - Dark Human Torch

"And if you don't, we'll pound ya until you do got it?" - Dark Thing

'Then I guess its Clobbering Time' - Active Hero

  • Battle:
  • Dark Thing:

"It's..clobbering time"

"What's wrong? Gettin tired?"

"I can't Believe you beat me"

  • Dark Mr. Fantastic:

"Your getting very weaker"

"This might hurt... a lot"

"You can't stop us"

"The odds are against you

"You fall too easy"

  • Dark Invisible Woman:


"Quit falling down"

  • Dark Human Torch:

"You got lucky this time"


"Quit falling down your wasting my time"

"You can't win a battle if you fight like this"


Resists Damage TypesEdit


Dark Mr. Fantastic

1: *Propeller Arms (Special) Walks forward while spinning arms popping up and damaging anything that gets in the way

2: * Drastic Elastic (Radial) Swings arms in a huge arc. If hit it will knock you down

Dark Thing

1:Uppercut (Melee) A massive uppercut

2:Hand Clap (Radial) Dark Thing claps his hands together and creates a concussive wave that blasts and stuns you in front of him

Dark Invisible Woman

1:Kinetic Bolts (Projectile) Fires kinetic bolts

2:Kinetic Surge (Projectile) Releases a powerful wave of kinetic energy causing physical damage.

Dark Human Torch

1:Inferno (Blast) Creates a quick blast under target popping them up.

2:Fireballs (Projectile) Rapidly launches fireballs at targets doing fire damage and keeping popped up targets in the air longer.

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