Vital Stats
Real Name Matthew Murdock
Nicknames Daredevil
The Man without Fear
Gender Male
Powers Amazing senses
War Side Anti-Registration
Voice Actor Cam Clarke
(Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)
Brian Bloom
(Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2)

Daredevil is character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.

Daredevil' s HistoryEdit

Daredevil is the Man without Fear, a blind superhero by night and Matt Murdock, a lawyer, by day. In nights he wears his costume and fights bad guys. His nemesis is Bullseye.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

>>> To unlock Character, the Player must find 5 Daredevil action figures <<<

Strike Hero

Body: 22
Focus: 14
Strike: 39

Powers Edit

  • Baton Smash (Melee)
Attacks with baton. Stuns enemies when charged
  • Baton Throw (Melee)
Uses baton to fling an enemy into the air
  • Extensive Strike (Projectile)
Forcefully extend baton toward enemy
  • Devastation (Radial)
Spin around with baton causing knockback
  • Charge (Melee)
Charge at the enemy and pop them into the air with his baton
  • Blind Sight (Boost)
Show all enemies on the mini-map and increase the damage inflicted by Daredevil and his allies
  • Hyper Sense (Boost)
Slow down time except for Daredevil and his allies
  • Devil's Onslaught (Xtreme)
Whips both batons around doing physical damage to nearby enemies

Costumes Edit

Daredevil MUA Costumes

Daredevils costumes

  • Classic
Dodge - Increases chance to dodge melee attacks
Baton Damage - Increases the damage done with batons
Baton Damage - Increases the damage done with batons
XP - Increases amount of XP gained
  • Armored
Critical Strike - Increases critical strike chance
Max Energy - Increases the maximum amount of energy
  • Marvel Knight
Skill Boost - Adds a chance to temporarily increase the skill level of all powers by 1(maxes out at 25% chance to increase the skill level of all powers by 1 when used)
Melee Damage - Increase melee damage(Maxes out at +21% Melee Damage)

Teams Edit

Conversations Edit

  • <Act I, Command Deck> Bullseye
  • <Act I, Stark Tower> Black Widow
  • <Act II, Fair Grounds> Blade (Upon his rescue)

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit