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Cyclops 4
Vital Stats
Real Name Scott Summers
Nicknames Cyclops
Gender Male
Powers His laser
War Side Anti-Registration
Voice Actor Scott MacDonald

Cyclops is a mutant who often leads the X-Men in the field.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Altered Focus Hero (stats at level 30)

Body: 16
Focus: 37
Strike: 22
Normal Focus Hero (15 - 41 - 19)

Powers Edit

  • Optic Beam (Projectile)
Cyclops' basic eyebeam attack. Push the left stick forward to cause more damage, back to cause less to a wider area.
  • Optic Stream (Special)
Launch a continuous stream of optic beam toward an enemy.
  • Roundhouse Kick (Melee)
Powerful kick combo that sends the enemy flying into the air.
  • Ricochet Blast (Projectile)
Cyclops fires a seires of short blasts that will eventually ricochet of walls once powered up.
  • Optic Explosion (Radial)
Powerful optic blast that explodes on contact sending out splash damage to nearby enemies.
  • Beam Power (Boost)
Increases damage to all beam attacks and increased critical chance.
  • Combat X-pertise (Boost)
Damage received is reduced for the entire team.
  • Optic Incineration (Xtreme)
Cyclops spins around 360 degrees incinerating the room in an enormous optic blast.

Costumes Edit

Cyclops MUA Costumes

  • Astonishing
Critical Strike - Increases critical strike chance
Boost Stats - Boosts body, focus, and strike stats
  • Original
Melee Mastery - Increase Melee damage done
Reflection - Reflect some Melee damage to attackers
  • Classic
Max Health - Increases maximum health
Optic Power - Increases damage done with beam attacks.
  • Ultimate
Optic Power - Increases damage done with beam attacks.
Max Energy - Increases the maximum amount of energy

Teams Edit

Conversations Edit

  • <Act II, Big Top> Jean Grey (Xbox 360 Achievement)
  • <Act V, Doom's Lair> Dark Colossus
  • <Act V, Doom's Dimension> Dark Cyclops

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit


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