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Piotr Rasputin (Earth-6109) Astonishing
Vital Stats
Real Name Piotr Rasputin
Nicknames Peter
Gender Male
Powers Superhuman durabitly
War Side Anti-Registration
Voice Actor {{{voice actor}}}

Colossus, before the followed by Hulk, grabs and holds enemies, using them to batter other targets.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

Altered Body Hero

Body: 36
Focus: 14
Strike: 25
Normal Body Hero (36 - 18 - 21)

Powers Edit

  • Pulverizing Punch (Melee)
Devastating two-hit punch that will stun enemies for a time.
  • Earthquake (Radial)
Colossus pounds the ground with his fists, damaging enemies in an increasing radius.
  • Soaring Strike (Radial)
Jumps into air and comes back down hard doing radial damage.
  • Take Down (Special)
Charges forward, tackling an enemy and beating him mercilessly.
  • Intimidation (Debuff)
Debuff that will frighten enemies for a time.
  • Thick Skin (Boost)
Reduces damage taken by the team.
  • Colossal Crash (Xtreme)
Leaps in the air and comes back down doing massive radial damage.

Costumes Edit

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  • Ultimate
The costume worn by Colossus in the now-defunct Ultimate Marvel line, in essence just a variation on a single basic design for almost all male X-Men characters in the Ultimate Universe. This ensemble consists of a form-fitting black shirt with X-emblems sewn over the shoulders, black military pants, yellow knee-high boots with legbands, a yellow belt, black rubber gloves, and a chest-affixed, golden utility harness.
Critical Chance - Raises the chance of landing critical hits
Melee Damage - Increases damage done with melee attacks
  • Classic
The appearance most closely associated with Colossus in mainstream continuity, consisting of a metallic red-and-yellow tunic fastened by a belt, and red knee-high boots and wristbands. This was Colossus's debut appearance, and remains to this day his most popular outfit.
Boost XP - Increases XP gained
Boost Stats - Boosts body, focus, and strike stats
  • Astonishing
A more modern take on Colossus's mainstream look, similar in arrangement to the Ultimate costume but in coloration to the Classic one. This costume is comprised of a form-fitting red-and-yellow shirt with X-emblems sewn over the shoulders, red pants, black boots, a belt with an X-emblem buckle, and black rubber gloves.
Melee Damage - Increases damage done with melee attacks
Power Damage - Increases damage done by powers
  • Retro
A gaudy retro-esque costume made up of a yellow tunic fastened by a belt with an X-emblem buckle, yellow elbow-length leather gauntlets, and yellow boots with blue leggings and yellow legbands.
Power Damage - Increases damage done by powers
Max Health - Increases maximum health

Teams Edit

Conversations Edit


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit

Colossus was one of the many Pro-reg heroes to become infected with the nanites.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being an exclusive character in some versions, Colossus is the only X-Men to have no special interactions with any of his fellow members of the X-Men what so ever, as well as his Dark Clone in Doom's Dimension, who claims to be the original even if Colossus is present. Strangely, even Cyclops shares a special conversation with his Dark Clone.


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