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  • DeadpoolGo to Deadpool
  • HulkGo to Hulk
  • Jean GreyGo to Jean Grey
  • VenomGo to Scorpion
  • CarnageGo to Carnage
  • PsylockeGo to Psylocke
  • Spider-ManGo to Spider-Man
  • GambitGo to Gambit
  • A-BombGo to A-Bomb
  • Luke CageGo to Luke Cage
  • Nick FuryGo to Nick Fury
  • Red HulkGo to Red Hulk
  • Captain AmericaGo to Captain America
  • WolverineGo to Wolverine
  • SongbirdGo to Songbird
  • JuggernautGo to Juggernaut
  • Grim ReaperGo to Grim Reaper
  • StormGo to Storm
  • War MachineGo to War Machine
  • Lady DeathstrikeGo to Lady Deathstrike
  • MagnetoGo to Magneto
  • LokiGo to Loki
  • SabretoothGo to Sabretooth

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