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Blade 2
Vital Stats
Real Name Eric Brooks
Nicknames none
Gender Male
Powers His guns and swords
healing factor and superhuman powers
War Side Pro-Registration
Voice Actor Khary Payton

Blade is a half-vampire vampire hunter.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

>>> You must rescue Blade from Arcade's Muderworld <<<

Strike Hero (stats at level 30)

Body: 22
Focus: 14
Strike: 39

Powers Edit

  • Slayer Slash (Melee)
Slash at enemies with Blade's katana
  • Gun Blast (Projectile)
Fires four shots causing physical damage and knockback to enemies hit. +50% chance of critical hit if the enemy is stunned when hit by the attack
  • Glaive Strike (Projectile)
Throw glaives at Blade's enemies
  • Circle of Death (Radial)
Spin with katana causing damage to all enemies within a given distance
  • Spike of Destruction (Projectile)
961653-342925 137276 blade super

 : Throws and explosive spike that explodes and damages all enemies within a given radius

  • Blood of the Warrior (Boost)
Increases damage taken but adds health regen and attack abilities
  • Flash Bomb (Debuff)
Throws a flash bomb to the ground that stuns enemies and lowers their damage output
  • Blood Haze (Xtreme)
Throw multiple bottles of serum into the air then blast them with pistols raining destruction down on all nearby enemies

Costumes Edit

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  • Ultimate
Blade's conventional look has him wear all-black attire, specifically a leather jacket, shirt, gloves, pants, a belt, and sunglasses. Blade also bears various straps intended for the carrying of those stakes that are so essential to killing any vampire.
Health Regen - Increases health regeneration
Striking - Increase striking
  • Classic
This somewhat kooky original costume consists of a green jacket and goggles, khaki pants, a brown belt, and a harness for carrying wooden stakes.
Critical strike - Increases critical strike chance
Max energy - Increases maximum energy
  • Night Stalker
A costume consisting of a blue leather jacket, pants, boots, and gloves. In addition, Blade wears a belt in this outfit, and the red shirt he wears beneath his jacket shows partially. Interestingly, Blade does not wear dark sunglasses, which are typically a staple of his character. This is the look Blade had in the 1990's Spider-Man animated series.
Weapon damage - Increases the damage done with weapons
Health Regen - Increases health regeneration
  • Daywalker
A functional, black, all-leather ensemble consisting of a sleeveless tunic, pants, and marksmanship gloves. Like in other costumes, Blade wears sunglasses, but unlike in other interpretations, the so-called Daywalker is bald. This is the look Blade had in the live-action Blade series.
Melee damage - Increases melee damage
Health per kill - Regain health per kill



Conversations Edit

  • <Act I,Mandarin's Court> Mandarin (At the end of the fight)
  • <Act II,Inner Sanctum> Nick Fury
  • <Act III,Shore of Corpses> Volla (Upon finding her ring)
  • <Act IV,Royal Court> Gorgon

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit


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