Black Widow
Black Widow 2
Vital Stats
Real Name Natalia Romanova
Nicknames Natasha Romanova
Gender Female
Powers Martial artist
War Side Pro-Registration
Voice Actor Nika Futterman

Black Widow appears in the PlayStation Portable version of the video role-playing game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance as a playable character and in all other versions of the game as a non-playable character, in which she appears to be working for S.H.I.E.L.D. A major subplot involves concern over whether she is a double-agent traitor. However, before the mission to Niffleheim on Act 3, the info about Black Widow as a double agent traitor to Masters of Dvil is proven false, as Fury was the one who sent Widow for Operation All-Father to investigate what she got from the MoE plot on the laptop she achieved, in which later fallen during MoE's attack on Helicarrier, until the heroes retain it, but without her and Fury knowing. Yelena is also a costume for Black Widow so both Widows are playable.