Black Panther
Black Panther 2
Vital Stats
Real Name T'Challa
Nicknames Black Panther
Gender Male
Powers Vibranium Claws
War Side Anti-Registration
Voice Actor Phil LaMarr (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)
Khary Payton (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2)

Black Panther is a African superhero from the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda. His real name is T'Challa and is the ruler of the small nation in Africa. He is playable in Ultimate Alliance (via collecting 5 Black Panther action figures) and Ultimate Alliance 2 (via DLC - Xbox).

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Edit

>>>You must find five Black Panther action figures to unlock him<<<

Strike Hero (stats at level 30)

Body: 22
Focus: 14
Strike: 39

Powers Edit

  • Panther Claw (Melee)
Slash at enemies with Black Panther's claws
  • Energy Daggers (Projectile)
Throws out several daggers in a spread pattern doing energy damage
  • Razor Cyclone (Radial)
Spin around with daggers outward damaging nearby enemies with an additional chance of doing bleed damage
  • Crippling Blow (Melee)
Slash attack with a high chance of getting a critical hit
  • Pounce (Melee)
Tackle an enemy and stab them multiple times
  • Stealth (Buff)
Becomes invisible to enemies decreases damage taken and boosts critical hit damage to take away 33% of enemy's current health
  • Master Hunter (Boost)
Increases team's defense against projectiles, decreases damage taken, and reveals enemies on the mini-map
  • Panther's Might (Xtreme)
Black Panther jumps into the air and leaps down on his enemies doing massive physical damage with a 25% chance for an instant kill. Also boosts the damage of team's Xtreme powers by 50%

Costumes Edit

Black Panther MUA Costumes

  • Modern
Reflect Damage - Reflects some damage back at attacker
Max Energy - Increases maximum energy
  • Classic
Critical Strike - Increases critical strike chance
Increased Power Damage - Increases the damage of all powers
  • Ceremonial
Dodge - Increases chance to dodge melee attacks
Melee Damage - Increase melee damage
  • Holy Armor
Bleed Damage - Adds a chance to cause bleed damage to melee attacks
Max Health - Increases maximum health

Teams Edit

Conversations Edit

  • <Act I, Stark Tower> Nick Fury (minor)
  • <Act I,SHIELD Outpost> Namor (Upon his rescue)
  • <Act II, Inner Sanctum> Black Widow (minor)
  • <Act II, Inferno> Ghost Rider (Upon his rescue)
  • <Act III, Courtyard of the Gods> Vision (minor - before going to Niffleheim)
  • <Act IV, Royal Library> Hank Pym (minor)
  • <Act IV, Observation Deck> Deathbird
  • <Act V, Stark Tower> Nick Fury
  • <Act V, Castle Doom> Dr. Doom

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Edit

Black Panther appears near the end of the game in the Wakanda battle, He helps fight off the combined powers of Venom and Green Goblin.